Turn your home into luxury living

What elevates a home to luxury stature?

Buying your very own home in Dubai is a dream of everyone. Lots of people have succeeded in such direction and many are intended to. But, what are those factors that can turn your home into a luxury status of living? Well, it’s not just one thing but a combination of various cornerstones which will end you up with the top of the line living.


Beyond Location

It’s not just about how your home looks good from inside but also the surroundings and outside matters abundantly. Having a really good interior design and best furniture might not be everything that makes a luxury living but where it’s located is equally significant. Waking up to a seaside or with a view of the beautiful Burj Khalifa will automatically generate a charming sense in anyone’s mind that yes! This is the class of next. Having a comfort to live in an eminent neighborhood with a renowned street and a correlated house number with your nameplate outside is what the first impression of any luxury home.

Beyond Amenities

Having a little more to spend on a better presentation of your home is a one-time investment that pays back for that entire time as long as you own it. Having a chunk of land spent as a pool or an orchard or maybe a backyard for your kids or evening sittings will always be counted as positive ranking. But if the property is coming with a sauna, a wine cellar or a court will be considered as a luxury. This is beyond than just owning a place, this is exclusive.

Beyond Architecture

Good architecture is more than just which wall or door goes where or which room should be placed at a specific part and how big/small they should be. It’s more about having a feeling of being at the right place at the right time or understanding your need or privilege of what should be done so the “Good” can elevate to “Amazing”. Basically, a good architecture design is what fulfills the vision you have in mind for your home. Have experts apply their skills who are experienced in matching your taste and expectations.

Beyond the Design

Insides matter! And this is like the 2nd phase of presentation. A home with an amazing view and location will do you much good only if it’s the same from inside. Having an idea of creating a good interior design is good, not great but hiring a tasteful and out of the box designer might cost you a fortune but your interiors will become “WOW”. That amount spent on such move is what luxury is. Also, maintaining your kitchen less sound making is great. Owning a fridge that doesn’t sound like a running tractor is luxury enough in my point of view. Being able to afford your property in a clean, safe and renowned neighborhood is opulence. It’s one step-forward than a presentation of wealth or expressing the status you worked hard for. There! You made it.


It’s great to have the most sought-after property to your name. But luxury is just a matter of perception. What you consider as luxury might be different for others. For me, it’s a matter of healthy and comfortable life.